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David Kaston David Kaston

Class of 1990

Kaston & Aberle, LLP New York
Seth A. Katz Seth A. Katz

Class of 1993

Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh & Jardine, P.C. Colorado
Peter L. Kaufman Peter L. Kaufman

Class of 1989

Kaufman Abdel-Aal LLP California
Christopher A. Kenney Christopher A. Kenney

Class of 1990

Kenney & Sams, P.C. Massachusetts
Jordana Kershner Jordana Kershner

Class of 2011

Baskin Kershner & Thorp, LLC Massachusetts
Nelson C. Keshen Nelson C. Keshen

Class of 1968

Nelson C. Keshen, P.A. Florida
David L. Klebanoff David L. Klebanoff

Class of 1981

Gilman McLaughlin & Hanrahan LLP Massachusetts
Kurt S. Kusiak Kurt S. Kusiak

Class of 1991

Fitch Law Partners LLP Massachusetts
William R. Landry William R. Landry

Class of 1980

Blish & Cavanagh LLP Rhode Island
Robert Langlois Robert Langlois

Class of 1972

Saponaro Law Offices PLLC Massachusetts
Terrance Lanier Terrance Lanier

Class of 2015

Fitch Law Partners LLP Massachusetts
Karen J. Levitt Karen J. Levitt

Class of 1980

Levitt Family Law and Mediation, LLC Massachusetts
Joel H. Lichtenstein Joel H. Lichtenstein

Class of 1963

Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder PC Connecticut
David S. Lin David S. Lin

Class of 1991

Law Offices of David S. Lin California
Duo Liu Duo Liu

Class of 2017

Blumsack & Canzano, P.C. Massachusetts
Inna Loring Inna Loring

Class of 2010

Z Family Law, LLC Maryland
Tiffany Ma Tiffany Ma

Class of 2006

Young & Ma LLP New York
Ambar Maceo-Rossi Ambar Maceo-Rossi

Class of 2014

Kelleher & Maceo P.C. Massachusetts
Gary Maitland Gary Maitland

Class of 1978

Kreisberg Maitland Mendelberg & O'Hearn, LLP New York
John O. Mancini John O. Mancini

Class of 1998

Mancini Carter P.C. Rhode Island
Howard A. Matalon Howard A. Matalon

Class of 1991

OlenderFeldman LLP New Jersey
Carlos A. Maycotte Carlos A. Maycotte

Class of 2010

Fitch Law Partners LLP Massachusetts
David McCormack David McCormack

Class of 2003

Sugarman and Sugarman, P.C. Massachusetts
John McFerrin-Clancy John McFerrin-Clancy

Class of 1988

McFerrin-Clancy LLC New York
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