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Chicago, IL 60661-3691

Phone: 312-906-5000 Dean: Harold J. Krent Alumni Relations Contact: Katie Aune
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William T. Gibbs William T. Gibbs

Class of 2004

Corboy & Demetrio Illinois
Seth A. Gladstein Seth A. Gladstein

Class of 2001

Gladstein Law Firm, PLLC Kentucky
Thomas T. Glasgow Thomas T. Glasgow

Class of 1994

Glasgow & Olsson Illinois
Martin L. Glink Martin L. Glink

Class of 1977

Law Office of Martin L. Glink Illinois
Randall B. Gold Randall B. Gold

Class of 1985

Fox & Fox SC Illinois
Darryl A. Goldberg Darryl A. Goldberg

Class of 2003

Law Offices of Darryl A. Goldberg Illinois
Kristen Gorenberg Kristen Gorenberg

Class of 1991

Ruben & Goldberg, LLC Illinois
Edward K. Grassé Edward K. Grassé

Class of 1998

Grassé Legal, LLC Illinois
Mark B. Grzymala Mark B. Grzymala

Class of 2001

Grzymala Law Offices, P.C. Illinois
Emily A. Herbick Emily A. Herbick

Class of 2015

Clifford Law Offices PC Illinois
Laurence B. Hirsch Laurence B. Hirsch

Class of 1999

Jaburg | Wilk Arizona
Elissa J. Hobfoll Elissa J. Hobfoll

Class of 2005

Herschman Levison Hobfoll PLLC Illinois
Tor Hoerman Tor Hoerman

Class of 1995

TorHoerman Law LLC Illinois
Ian B. Hoffenberg Ian B. Hoffenberg

Class of 2002

Law Offices of Ian B. Hoffenberg LLC Illinois
Grim Howland Grim Howland

Class of 2004

Lindell & Lavoie, LLP Minnesota
Brian Hurst Brian Hurst

Class of 1995

Hurst Boleky LLC Illinois
Roger S. Hutchison Roger S. Hutchison

Class of 1992

Hutchison Law Illinois
Steven H. Jesser Steven H. Jesser

Class of 1974

Steven H. Jesser, Attorney at Law, P.C. Illinois
Daniel W. Kaminski Daniel W. Kaminski

Class of 2012

Kogut & Associates Illinois
Mark L. Karno Mark L. Karno

Class of 1982

Mark L. Karno & Associates, L.L.C. Illinois
Dustin Karrison Dustin Karrison

Class of 2014

Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP Illinois
Michele S. Katz Michele S. Katz

Class of 2000

Advitam IP, LLC Illinois
Peter M. King Peter M. King

Class of 1982

King & Jones Illinois
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