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Eric Hone Eric Hone

Class of 1997

Hone Law Idaho
Eric J. Johnson Eric J. Johnson

Class of 2000

Weston Hurd LLP Ohio
Karen B. Johnson Karen B. Johnson

Class of 1991

Madge & Johnson, P.C. Massachusetts
Peter J. Juran Peter J. Juran

Class of 1986

Blanco Tackabery & Matamoros, P.A. North Carolina
Douglas E. Kingsbery Douglas E. Kingsbery

Class of 1980

Tharrington Smith, LLP North Carolina
Michael A. Lampert Michael A. Lampert

Class of 1983

Law Offices of Michael A. Lampert, P.A. Florida
Cassandra W. Lenning Cassandra W. Lenning

Class of 2011

Outten & Golden LLP Washington DC
Lily Li Lily Li

Class of 2011

Metaverse Law California
Douglas L. Lunsford Douglas L. Lunsford

Class of 1975

Hinkle Shanor LLP Arizona
Lindsey S. Macon Lindsey S. Macon

Class of 2015

McArthur Law Firm Georgia
Dianne C. Magee Dianne C. Magee

Class of 1983

Grim, Biehn & Thatcher, P.C. Pennsylvania
Kevin S. Mahoney Kevin S. Mahoney

Class of 1995

The Mahoney Law Firm PC Colorado
John G. Milakovic John G. Milakovic

Class of 1981

Beckley & Madden, LLC Pennsylvania
Christopher M. Moody Christopher M. Moody

Class of 1983

Moody & Stanford, P.C. Arizona
Christopher F. Moriarty Christopher F. Moriarty

Class of 2011

Motley Rice South Carolina
Susan Freya Olive Susan Freya Olive

Class of 1977

Olive & Olive, PA North Carolina
Lance Oliver Lance Oliver

Class of 2004

Motley Rice South Carolina
Stanley T. Padgett Stanley T. Padgett

Class of 1982

Padgett Law, P.A. Florida
David Pishko David Pishko

Class of 1977

Pishko Kalarites, P.A. North Carolina
Evridiki Poumpouridis Evridiki Poumpouridis

Class of 2006

Poumpouridis Law LLC New York
Mark W. Pugsley Mark W. Pugsley

Class of 1994

Pugsley Wood LLP Idaho
Ben Quarmby Ben Quarmby

Class of 2004

MoloLamken LLP New York
Jason S. Rathod Jason S. Rathod

Class of 2010

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP Washington DC
Stephen Rawson Stephen Rawson

Class of 2010

Tharrington Smith, LLP North Carolina
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