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121 Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY 11549

Phone: 516-463-5916 Dean: Eric Lane Alumni Relations Contact: Merrie S. Frankel
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Glenn M. Gerlanc Glenn M. Gerlanc

Class of 1977

Parisi & Gerlanc, Attorneys at Law New Jersey
Simon Goldenberg Simon Goldenberg

Class of 2008

Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC New York
Davin Goldman Davin Goldman

Class of 2003

Klee Woolf Goldman & Filpi, LLP New York
Peter B. Goldstein Peter B. Goldstein The Harris Law Firm Colorado
Roy C. Gordon Roy C. Gordon

Class of 1996

Roy C. Gordon and Associates PC New York
Margery A. Greenberg Margery A. Greenberg

Class of 1983

Segal & Greenberg LLP New York
Todd Greenberg Todd Greenberg

Class of 1977

Addabbo & Greenberg New York
Jeffrey M. Haber Jeffrey M. Haber

Class of 1988

Freiberger Haber LLP New York
Tzvi Y. Hagler Tzvi Y. Hagler

Class of 2008

Law Office of Tzvi Y. Hagler New York
Daniel J. Hansen Daniel J. Hansen

Class of 1992

Hansen & Rosasco, LLP New York
Lauren E. Harpold Lauren E. Harpold

Class of 2011

Ruppert & Schaefer, P.C. Indiana
Alissa D. Hascup Alissa D. Hascup

Class of 2004

Einhorn, Barbarito, Frost & Botwinick, PC New Jersey
Shane S. Hassin Shane S. Hassin

Class of 2016

Hassin Law Group, LLP New York
Robert C. Hiltzik Robert C. Hiltzik Robert Hiltzik, Attorney at Law New York
Scott M. Himes Scott M. Himes

Class of 1978

Kishner Miller Himes P.C. New York
Douglas R. Hirsch Douglas R. Hirsch

Class of 1990

Sadis & Goldberg LLP New York
Eric A. Horn Eric A. Horn

Class of 1995

Law Office of Eric Horn, PC New York
Robert E. Hornberger Robert E. Hornberger

Class of 2005

Hornberger Verbitsky, P.C. New York
Michael F. Imprevento Michael F. Imprevento

Class of 1982

Breit Biniazan, P.C. Virginia
Adam D. Kahn Adam D. Kahn

Class of 2013

La Salle, La Salle & Dwyer, P.C. New York
Eleni Kakos Eleni Kakos

Class of 2016

Weltz Law New York
Darren T. Kaplan Darren T. Kaplan

Class of 1991

Kaplan Gore LLP New York
Kenneth J. Katz Kenneth J. Katz

Class of 2003

Katz Melinger PLLC New York
Philip Katz Philip Katz

Class of 1996

Fink & Katz, PLLC New York
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