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Phone: 918-631-2401 Dean: Janet Koven Levit
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S. Christopher Lopp S. Christopher Lopp

Class of 2021

The Lopp Law Firm PLLC Oklahoma
P. Michael McCullough, Jr. P. Michael McCullough, Jr.

Class of 1993

McCullough Mediation Texas
Bruce A. McKenna Bruce A. McKenna

Class of 1980

McKenna & McKenna Oklahoma
Brian Melton Brian Melton

Class of 2014

Business Law Group Colorado
Daniel W. Munley Daniel W. Munley

Class of 1994

Munley Law Pennsylvania
David L. Pratt David L. Pratt

Class of 1993

Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP Texas
Nikolas A. Rankin

Class of 2007

Nikolas A. Rankin, Attorney at Law Oklahoma
Charles L. Richardson Charles L. Richardson

Class of 1989

Richardson Richardson Boudreaux Oklahoma
James M. Richardson James M. Richardson

Class of 1981

Richardson Firm PLLC Texas
Moura A.J. Robertson Moura A.J. Robertson

Class of 1992

Doerner, Saunders, Daniel & Anderson, LLP Oklahoma
Fred Ruotolo Fred Ruotolo

Class of 1992

Stewart Law Group Arizona
Bret A. Sanders Bret A. Sanders

Class of 1998

Fee, Smith & Sharp, LLP Texas
Anthony Savastano Anthony Savastano

Class of 2011

Duthie Savastano Brungard PLLC Colorado
Sara M. Schmook Sara M. Schmook

Class of 2012

The Schmook Law Firm, PLLC Oklahoma
Mark L. Scroggins Mark L. Scroggins

Class of 1992

Scroggins Law Group, PLLC Texas
Donald E. Smolen, II Donald E. Smolen, II

Class of 2003

Smolen Law, PLLC Oklahoma
Shea E. Stevens Shea E. Stevens

Class of 2004

Burke McClasky Stevens Kansas
Michael D. Stutman Michael D. Stutman

Class of 1978

Alter Wolff Foley & Stutman, LLP New York
Israel Suster Israel Suster The Suster Law Group, PLLC Texas
Carol Thompson Carol Thompson

Class of 2008

Federal Practice Group Washington DC
Kara Vincent Kara Vincent

Class of 2009

Barber & Bartz, PC Oklahoma
Patrick S. Weir Patrick S. Weir

Class of 2007

McCarn & Weir, P.C. Texas
John P. Zelbst John P. Zelbst

Class of 1980

Zelbst Holmes & Butler Oklahoma
Jason B. Aamodt

Class of 1996

Indian and Environmental Law Group, PLLC Oklahoma
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