University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law

332 S 1400 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Phone: 801-581-6833 Dean: Robert Adler
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Kevin D. Swenson Kevin D. Swenson

Class of 1990

Swenson & Shelley Idaho
Gary Wight Gary Wight

Class of 2005

Kipp and Christian, P.C. Idaho
William E. Winfield William E. Winfield

Class of 1985

Nelson Comis Kettle & Kinney, LLP California
Kathleen Abke Kathleen Abke

Class of 2009

Strong & Hanni PC Idaho
Chase Adams Chase Adams

Class of 2014

Steele Adams Hosman Idaho
Matthew T. Adamson Matthew T. Adamson

Class of 2001

Jameson Pepple Cantu PLLC Washington
Clay A. Alger Clay A. Alger

Class of 2009

Shumway Van Idaho
Kirsten R. Allen Kirsten R. Allen

Class of 2014

Fabian VanCott Idaho
Parker A. Allred Parker A. Allred

Class of 2011

The Advocates Idaho
Rob M. Alston Rob M. Alston

Class of 1992

Robinson Alston PLLC Idaho
Chase B. Ames Chase B. Ames

Class of 2015

Skoubye Nielson & Johansen, LLC Idaho
James W. Anderson James W. Anderson

Class of 2003

Clyde Snow & Sessions, PC Idaho
Jared L. Anderson Jared L. Anderson

Class of 1998

Anderson, Fife & Marshall, LC Idaho
Mark L. Anderson Mark L. Anderson

Class of 1988

Goebel Anderson PC Idaho
Rachel S. Anderson Rachel S. Anderson

Class of 2009

Fabian VanCott Idaho
Tawni J. Anderson Tawni J. Anderson

Class of 1998

Hall Prangle & Schoonveld, LLC Idaho
Dean C. Andreasen Dean C. Andreasen

Class of 1983

Clyde Snow & Sessions, PC Idaho
Jessica A. Andrew Jessica A. Andrew

Class of 2009

Lance Bingham, P.C. Idaho
Joan M. Andrews Joan M. Andrews

Class of 1997

Fabian VanCott Idaho
Kristen R. Angelos Kristen R. Angelos

Class of 1998

Utah Federal Defender's Office Idaho
Jeffrey W. Appel Jeffrey W. Appel

Class of 1981

Ray Quinney & Nebeker Idaho
Jacob K. Arijanto Jacob K. Arijanto

Class of 2017

Carr | Woodall Idaho
John P. Ashton John P. Ashton

Class of 1971

Fabian VanCott Idaho
Kirsten S. Ashton Kirsten S. Ashton

Class of 2008

Plant Christensen & Kanell PC Idaho
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