Are you likely to be accepted?

Top law school lists

Avoid disappointment and save yourself some money by being judicious when you apply to law school. You will certainly want to apply to some stretch schools, but avoid applying to schools that are completely out of reach.

What do law school admissions counselors look for when they build the next class?

  • LSAT scores
  • Undergraduate GPA
  • Work experiences
  • Life experiences such as obstacles, community service, etc.

The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) provides valuable information to both admissions offices and law school applicants. In addition to administering the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), LSAC provides unique tools to help you decide which school is right for you. Use the UGPA/LSAT search feature here. Enter your Undergraduate GPA and LSAT score in the search tool and you can see your likelihood of admission. You can also refine your search by state.

Advice from the Super Lawyers advisory board

Outside of class, what can a law school student do to maximize his or her potential?

Write. Good legal writers are generally good legal thinkers. Becoming a good legal writer requires time, discipline and lots of practice.

-- Steven F. Molo
MoloLamken LLP
New York, New York

Get practical experience working for a firm or volunteering for legal services or whatever. Practical experience matters to firms.

-- Nancy S. Shilepsky
Shilepsky Hartley Robb Casey Michon LLP
Boston, Massachusetts
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