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Top 5 things to consider when selecting a law school

The decision of what school to attend is a big one that can have a career-long impact. We have compiled extensive information, organized into five factors, to consider when deciding what school to attend. Explore the factors listed below to find the right fit for you.

Law school location

Law school environment

Type of law you want to practice

Job prospects

Law school acceptance

Insightful advice for prospective attorneys

Super Lawyers magazine sat down with high profile attorneys Theodore B. Olson and David Boies to chat about everything from law firm culture to what each looks for in a new hire. Check out this excerpt and see what thoughts Olson and Boies have on the ever-changing law school environment.

You can read the full article as it appeared in Washington D.C. Super Lawyers magazine.

What advice would you have for someone looking to go to law school in this environment?

Boies: Even before they decide to go, I’d say, “Why are you going?” If you’re going to get a really good education that will teach you to think and solve problems, regardless of whether you practice law or not, that’s a good reason to go. If you’re interested in the justice system, that’s an even better reason to go. If you’re trying to mark time, that’s a poor reason to go.

Olson: Don't go to law school because you want to make lots of money. There are other ways to make lots of money. If you really get a bang out of practicing law and trying to persuade and doing something very creative and if you like the history and you like the law and you like the structure of our legal system, then you’re going to spend your life doing things you like. That’s the only reason to do it.

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