What kind of law do you want to practice?

Top law school lists

Most people going to law school want to help people. If you know the kind of law you want to practice, look for a school that matches your interest. If Environmental Law is your thing, you will want to seriously consider attending a school like University of Oregon School of Law or Vermont Law School.

How do you determine if the school specializes in a particular area?

  • How many professors are teaching in the area of law? Are they tenured professors or adjunct faculty?
  • Are there faculty members actively doing research in your area of interest?
  • How many journals does the school publish in the area of law?
  • Are there clinic or externship opportunities available? Are they led by faculty?

If you are also interested in obtaining your Master in Business Administration or other advanced degrees, look for a school that offers a dual-degree program. You will be able to complete your JD and MBA simultaneously, generally in just four years. When considering a dual-degree program, be certain to ask about flexibility in scheduling classes to be certain you can complete your degrees in the time you expect.

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