Where do you want to practice law?

Top law school lists

If you attend a top 20 school, their reputation will open doors regardless of location. However, if you’re thinking about other law schools, location is an important consideration.

Why should you think ahead to where you want to practice?

  • Law firm recruiting tends to be local, especially for small and medium firm recruiting efforts.
  • A larger alumni network has its benefits. People tend to hire new associates from their alma mater.
  • A school’s reputation is generally stronger in the state/geographic region.
  • Most schools provide some instruction for the state bar exam.
  • Participation in local clinics, internships and externships will help you get integrated in the legal community before you graduate.
  • Local networking opportunities are critical.

Know where you want to practice? Discover which schools produce the most attorneys selected by Super Lawyers in a particular state.

Advice from the Super Lawyers advisory board

What advice would you give a family member considering law school?

Talk to third-year students and get a feeling for what they are like because that’s what you are going to be like for real.

-- Joe Friedberg
Joseph S. Friedberg, Chartered
Minneapolis, Minnesota

What traits does a person need to possess to succeed in law school?

You need to be organized, analytical and hard-working. It really helps to be comfortable with the notion of delayed gratification.

-- Nancy Shilepsky
Shilepsky Hartley Robb Casey Nichon LLP
Boston, Massachusetts
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