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Trudy Bloodworth Trudy Bloodworth

Class of 1999

Trudy Bloodworth, Attorney at Law Alabama
G. Jeff Cherry G. Jeff Cherry

Class of 2001

Lowery, Lowery & Cherry, PLLC Alabama
Christopher Coyne Christopher Coyne

Class of 2013

Morgan & Morgan Alabama
Thomas W. Lawless Thomas W. Lawless

Class of 1980

Lawless & Associates, P.C. Alabama
Jay R. Lefkovitz Jay R. Lefkovitz

Class of 2010

Lefkovitz & Lefkovitz Alabama
Emily M. Leininger Emily M. Leininger

Class of 2006

All Things Family Law Alabama
Jack D. Lowery Jack D. Lowery

Class of 1998

Lowery, Lowery & Cherry, PLLC Alabama
Rocky McElhaney Rocky McElhaney

Class of 1999

Rocky McElhaney Law Firm Alabama
Rob McKinney Rob McKinney

Class of 1994

May + McKinney, PLLC Alabama
Karla C. Miller Karla C. Miller

Class of 1996

Miller Upshaw Family Law, PLLC Alabama
Chelsea D. Nicholson Chelsea D. Nicholson

Class of 2009

Chelsea Nicholson, Attorney at Law Alabama
Thomas Overton Thomas Overton

Class of 1987

Law Offices of Thomas T. Overton Alabama
Michael K. Pence Michael K. Pence

Class of 2006

Thornton & Pence, Attorneys at Law Alabama
A. Michelle Poss A. Michelle Poss

Class of 1998

A. Michelle Poss, Attorney at Law Alabama
Jeff Roberts Jeff Roberts

Class of 1999

Jeff Roberts & Associates, PLLC Alabama
Helen Sfikas Rogers Helen Sfikas Rogers

Class of 1980

Rogers, Shea & Spanos Alabama
Joshua L. Rogers Joshua L. Rogers

Class of 2005

Fort, Holloway, & Rogers Alabama
George D. Spanos George D. Spanos

Class of 2012

Rogers, Shea & Spanos Alabama
Richard E. Spicer Richard E. Spicer

Class of 1995

Spicer Rudstrom, PLLC Alabama
Ashley D. Stearns Ashley D. Stearns

Class of 2013

Trail, Coleman & Stearns, PLLC Alabama
Nicholas Stevens Nicholas Stevens

Class of 2011

Spicer Rudstrom, PLLC Alabama
Tyler Templeton Tyler Templeton

Class of 2016

The Templeton Law Firm Alabama
Lance W. Thompson Lance W. Thompson

Class of 2013

Spicer Rudstrom, PLLC Alabama
Jonathan Williams Jonathan Williams

Class of 2007

Larry R. Williams, PLLC Alabama
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