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Phone: 406-243-0211 Dean: Irma S. Russell Alumni Relations Contact: John Mudd
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Jesse Froehling Jesse Froehling

Class of 2012

Bastion Law, PLLC Washington
Tucker P. Gannett Tucker P. Gannett

Class of 2011

Gannett Law, PLLC Idaho
Malcolm H. Goodrich Malcolm H. Goodrich

Class of 1984

Goodrich & Reely, PLLC Idaho
Jason T. Holden Jason T. Holden

Class of 2001

Faure Holden Attorneys at Law, PC Idaho
Mark M. Kovacich Mark M. Kovacich

Class of 1999

Kovacich Snipes Johnson PC Idaho
Cory R. Laird Cory R. Laird

Class of 2000

Laird Cowley, PLLC Idaho
Michael P. Manning Michael P. Manning

Class of 2006

Ritchie Manning Kautz PLLP Idaho
Lowell P. McKelvey Lowell P. McKelvey

Class of 1999

McKelvey Law LLC Oregon
Shane N. Reely Shane N. Reely

Class of 1994

Goodrich & Reely, PLLC Idaho
Jason S. Ritchie Jason S. Ritchie

Class of 2004

Ritchie Manning Kautz PLLP Idaho
P. Mars Scott P. Mars Scott

Class of 1980

P. Mars Scott, PC Law Offices Idaho
Samir Faerevik Aarab

Class of 2015

Boland Aarab PLLP Idaho
Eric K. Anderson

Class of 1985

Anderson & Heard, P.L.L.C. Idaho
Jock O. Anderson

Class of 1975

Hattersley Law Firm, PLLP Idaho
Michael B. Anderson

Class of 1976

Anderson & Liechty, PC Idaho
Roberta Anner-Hughes

Class of 1992

Anner-Hughes Law Firm Idaho
Tracy Axelberg

Class of 1986

Axelberg Mediation & Arbitration, PLLC Idaho
Samuel E. Baker, Jr.

Class of 1971

Smith, Currie & Hancock LLP Washington
Kathleen P. Barnard

Class of 1985

Barnard Iglitzin & Lavitt LLP Washington
Richard M. Baskett

Class of 1979

Christian, Samson & Baskett, PLLC Idaho
Monte D. Beck

Class of 1978

Beck, Amsden & Stalpes, PLLC Idaho
Patrick G.N. Beddow

Class of 2011

Karell Kimmett Beddow PLLP Idaho
Thomas J. Beers

Class of 1973

Beers Law Offices Idaho
Michael E. Begley

Class of 2002

Moulton Bellingham PC Idaho
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